Specialisms and treatments

Our dental centre is specialised and offers a variety of treatments.


Personalised dental treatment

Our dental clinic in Luxembourg has modern equipment that guarantees high-quality treatment and care irrespective of your age and pathology.

Dental emergency

For any request relating to a dental emergency, please contact us by telephone. Our dental clinic offers an emergency service with or without an appointment, during the week from 9am to 10pm and even at the weekend and on public holidays from 9am to 5pm.

Our specialisms and treatments

Our dental centre in Luxembourg has a multidisciplinary team of specialist dentists and provides you with a range of specific treatments in additional to general care:


Paediatric dentistry

Our dental surgeons specialising in children’s dentistry treat and care for all their dental problems. They also teach them dental hygiene.



Our experienced specialists place dental implants using the latest techniques. The placement of the prosthesis on an implant by our dental surgeons is done on an outpatient basis.


Periodontology (gum care)

The first treatment consists in tartar removal and root planing (cleaning under the gum). Periodontology also includes surgical processes for aesthetic purposes (tissue and bone regeneration, extension of the dental crown, implantation of artificial roots, etc.)


Fixed and removable prostheses (crown, bridge)

Each dental prosthesis meets a specific need. Our dentists in Luxembourg place metal-ceramic crowns. Our team of dental prosthesis experts also place metal or alloy bridges.


Dental surgery

Our dental surgeons are involved in different types of surgery (maxillo-facial surgery, face and neck plastic surgery, oral surgery, jaw surgery, etc.)


Endodontics (treatment of teeth roots)

The endodontic treatment provided by our specialists aims to treat the inside of the tooth: the pulp or root canal. Endodontic treatment is a solution that enables the preservation of the tooth when conventional dental treatment has not been effective.


Oral surgery

Our dental surgeons perform all the dental implantology operations: crowns, bridges and prostheses. With a cutting-edge technical platform, our team of practitioners is here to listen and manage all types of multidisciplinary treatment.


Orthodontics (treatment with braces)

Our orthodontists in Luxembourg correct jaw posture (dento-facial orthopaedics) and teeth posture (orthodontics) to help the teeth regain a functional and aesthetic position. This treatment is for children aged over 6 years, teenagers and adults. Our dentists offer treatments with Invisalign (braces) and conventional treatment.


Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening includes all the dental aesthetics techniques to lighten teeth colour. According to the condition to be treated, our dentists will offer you the best solution to eliminate stains on the teach as well as a whitening agent which acts on the enamel and the dentin.


Dental aesthetics (veneer, crown)

Veneers are made from aesthetic ceramic and give the teeth natural whiteness and translucency. In our dental centre in Luxembourg, you can make an appointment with one of our dentists to find the perfect dentition and a stunning smile.


Dental treatment in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Dental Medical Centre offers a full range of oral and dental health treatments for adults and children, from general dentistry to dental specialisms.

We welcome you in a modern centre at the cutting edge of technology to offer you dental treatment by expert dentists while providing an emergency service for all care.

To find out more about our dental treatments or make an appointment, call us! You can also use the online contact form.


Quality care for all

Our primary concern is your health and oral hygiene.

That is why we have assembled a team of experienced dentists. Each member of our team has his or her own specialisation.

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